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Reasons my child is crying.

Dagnabit. It's been more than a month.  So much for blog goals. Anyhoo, just wanted to pop in to share that June is all moody/sad because she doesn't have a tail. We tried pretending, but she wants a real dog tail on her body and she's depressed. Reminded me of Fred having a full-out raging tantrum as a young toddler because he couldn't take his head off and swap it with other heads like his legos can.  He tried and failed, and was pissed like I've never seen. June is obsessed with dogs; Fred was (and still is) obsessed with Legos.  Wishing all of you toddlers whose obsessions are quiet/clean/kind characters... And friendly reminder that toddlers are insane and not smart.  Their lack of earthly experience is exactly what makes them awesome tho, amirite?

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