Testing the patience and endurance of a Mama

We are officially potty training!  And on Day 4, I can say it's not easy.  We have been staying home for the most part, near her potty, where accidents are manageable.

The plan:
  • Diapers for night time
  • Undies during the day (we have both training undies with extra padding to help with accidents - amazing - and fun Yo Gabba Gabba undies)
  • I bring her to the potty at least every hour to try.  So far we've had only a couple of accidents and she's so proud when she uses the potty she bolts as soon as she's done and does an ecstatic lap around the house.
  • Incentive! We have a sticker chart on the fridge where she puts a 3D colorful gem sticker every time we successfully flush the pee pee to its new home.  Full chart trades in for a new toy.  She's already asked for Legos. 
  • After days of hourly pee-pee's she's losing enthusiasm for the whole use-the-potty thing. 
  • Don't even go there for #2.  HOW. 
And here's where I beg for suggestions and advice.  My mom said we were all fully trained w/in 2-weeks of a similar regimen.  But how how on earth do we deal with training of the non-pee-pee kind?  

If you can't reach me, you know where I'll be for the next 2 weeks.  The bathroom.  However, the cuteness of how much Lucy loves her undies makes this all a little easier.  She has just learned the term "tighty whities".  

Lucy Lu and the Funky Bunch


Lisa Marie said…
I only have two kids, so some may think my advice no more than just a mommy's opinion but...I was enlightened when my second daughter potty trained and honestly think this is the answer for every parent: don't stress out about it AT ALL!

My first daughter was a breeeeze to potty train. I am not exaggerating when I say she was interested at 18 months, trained by 22 months, no accidents by 24 months (until her little sister came along when she was 3, then we had a little regression issue for a month).

My second daughter...Aaaah! She wanted nothing to do with it one day, excited the next...over and over again until she was over 3 1/2 YEARS OLD! I was starting to worry, I had tried everything I could think of, everything everyone told me to try, and then some. I let her do her own thing, I scolded her, I made games out of it, I rewarded her, on and on.

In the end, she potty trained in ONE WEEKEND when SHE finally felt like it. And I really think it was because I finally had an epiphany and stopped making a big deal about it. I simply told her that eventually she was going to have to go pee and poop in the toilet and stop wetting her big girl underwear, just like every other kid growing up. I didn't make her, but I helped her if she wanted to go. No rewards, no big deal one way or the other. I just let go and realized that she would get it when she was "mature enough" to understand it wasn't a game, it was simply a part of life like eating or brushing her teeth.

It really is a test in patience and endurance! Good luck, hope she gets it sooner rather than later!
MegElizabeth said…
Umm that picture just made me laugh out loud. That is all.

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