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Weekends! The days I live for. Now that the weather is finally turning, we're itching to get down to the Cape as much as possible.

Even growing up in Seattle, my parents brought us back every year for the blistering summers on the Cape.  The white beaches, crashing waves, shark warning flags, lobster rolls, fried clams, and homemade ice cream shops are so nostalgic.

Now with the influence of Nat's desire to hunt out the best beaches, our little fam spends more time on the miles-from-the-road beaches only accessible by ORV of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  We load up the Jeep, deflate the tires, and spend the day grilling and enjoying the escape from the massive Cape crowds of the main beaches. It's the best... even in the (cold) off-season!

Speaking of crowds... next weekend marks the official start of the Cape season. We'll be there with bells on of course... However we squeezed in a few pre-season weekends as well.

Some pics from a few weeks ago, when we were just…

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