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Ain't nobody gonna break-a my stride

April vacation come and gone too fast, but any stolen time with these babes is a gift.  Even when you get hit with a couple setbacks.

Last week I was traveling, and it was the longest I'd been away from the family in a while (ever?) - so was looking forward to this week off with big plans, and in true type-A fashion, a checklist the kids and I made together of everything we wanted to do with our week off.

On my travel day home though, I had Day 1 of a full blown flu.  Fever, congestion, aches... but decided to will it away with motrin, FaceTiming home, and a steaming bowl of spicy ramen at the airport.  But a 7+ hour flight with the chills and without the ability to un-pop my ears put me down for the count and layered a ear infection on top of the flu.  I even saw an old friend in the airport, but couldn't bring myself to say hello since I was pale, dripping, and walking at an angle with my ears throwing off my equilibrium.  I then had to "not to see him" 15 times as…

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