Ain't nobody gonna break-a my stride

April vacation come and gone too fast, but any stolen time with these babes is a gift.  Even when you get hit with a couple setbacks.

Last week I was traveling, and it was the longest I'd been away from the family in a while (ever?) - so was looking forward to this week off with big plans, and in true type-A fashion, a checklist the kids and I made together of everything we wanted to do with our week off.

On my travel day home though, I had Day 1 of a full blown flu.  Fever, congestion, aches... but decided to will it away with motrin, FaceTiming home, and a steaming bowl of spicy ramen at the airport.  But a 7+ hour flight with the chills and without the ability to un-pop my ears put me down for the count and layered a ear infection on top of the flu.  I even saw an old friend in the airport, but couldn't bring myself to say hello since I was pale, dripping, and walking at an angle with my ears throwing off my equilibrium.  I then had to "not to see him" 15 times as we zig-zagged past each other in the re-entry line. Didn't think that one through.

Another thing I didn't think thru?  Taking all the precautions to NOT pass the flu on to the fam.  Mama's back guys!  Airport tchotchke's and illness for everyone. You're welcome!

No biggie though - we took a couple days of recovery (all cuddled together for the Movies & Motrin portion of the week) and despite sniffles, we were all having fun.  I think the buoyancy of these kids' outlooks helped us sail through a few days of down time.

The rest of the week was dedicated to few days of Boston-style gallivanting, then down the Cape we went.

We managed to find a few hours where rain let up and turned to wind, and made use of our ORV permit on the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Amazing how the sound of waves + feet in sand + beach blankets + good tunes can cure all and make any time feel like true vacation.

Now we're back and feeling the Sunday night blues big time... but in the good way, because despite a few days lost to recovery and vacation checklists ignored - breaking the routine for some obligation-less time together gave our souls a little sparkle.

Here we come, Monday.


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