A man, a plan, a canal...

Something clicked recently where I've been trying to 'do me', as they say. Not like treat myself, or pop a bottle of wine (already decent at those things)... but to remember what's ME about me and nurture it. The virtue of a little selfishness.

When you're spread thin between the loves of your life (a young family is extremely time consuming, wouldn't change it), your 9-5 (also wouldn't change it), and trying to be human (that casual-effortless look that was actually effortless in my 20s requires a surprising amount of effort to pull off today)... you can forget the pebbles and sand of your being when you're so thankful for the big rocks.

I'm lucky to have the big rocks.  Not everyone does, and that's not lost on me.  But my hobbies and ways I spent time when time was available have all been benched, and I'm feeling like doing some grave digging to see if I still have it in me.  I am a (wo)man with a plan.  Making time to exercise. Making time to read. One I've maybe missed the most... music.  And making time for...

Blogging.  Sounds corny, this little slice of internet has been nagging at me and I can't seem to drop the idea of it because I found a bit of a tribe here.  People who I knew and didn't that were part of a conversation that grounded me in the mind-bending outer space of parenthood. Organizing your thoughts is therapy.  Also... it was fun.  Cheersing my wine glass to you, computer. We're on-again.

The man, the plan... and the canal?  That's for travel.  I'm still wrestling with this one.  It's part of my job description, and as much as I enjoy it, traveling without the fam hurts a Mama. The aforementioned work travel was to the Netherlands (CANALS! DO YOU GET IT?), and despite missing my home crew, I really enjoyed it.  I took some downtime to explore Holland in the Spring -- and it was worth it.

Amsterdam, being adorable.

Noordwijk coast.

Early morning, Keukenhof.

And speaking of Amsterdam... some Friday happy.  Nice one Heineken, always love a good cry at my desk during lunch.  Enjoy the weekend loves!


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