I put out (words) for comments

People, I don’t think you realize how fragile my blogfidence is. I realize that readership and comments are down for the holidays as you’re all busy with real life and not as enthralled with my preggy mumblings (I’m not hurt…), but I’ve put myself out there by sharing my lack of social life and inner battle with Thing (who’s clearly winning) and grotesque eating habits and TMI illnesses. So please, don’t shatter what little is left by leaving my blog unread and uncommented on.

OK let’s make a deal. I’ll try to make it a little funnier and less mushy-gushy if you tell me what you think from time to time. Fine, I beg you. This blog runs on comments and flattery so let’s work together here. Do it for Thing!

Barefaced in Boston


aimee.s.s. said…
Dear Thing,

I am happy to converse with you via blog comment from time to time. Please stop making your mother so sick (though I suppose we should be greatful she isn't showing signs of PICA).

That being said, please keep swimming around in your little cap and generally encouraging her to continue to entertain the rest of us.

You are practically a celeb already...

A follower
n-mukai said…
Ha Awesome. Thank you for playing into my insecurities ;)

(Thing appreciates)
amy said…
i check your blog like 2 million times a day for updates soooooooooooo there!

also - people love to read and not leave comments - it's a disease, i think.

but um remember our request for a bump watch?!?!?!

c'mon, do it for the fans.

Eileen said…
Dear Thing,
I'm sorry I did not comment earlier today. You see, my boss fell asleep at his desk, and that was probably the funniest thing to happen at Forrester since GFC said he wanted to bathe with our clients.

Remember: buttons=yummy, Zatarins=yucky
n-mukai said…
Eileen! If thing has PICA, i blame you.
CH said…
I usually just tell you my comments in person- but now I won't... i'll write them down.... and maybe not talk to you at work at all. Only through blog comments :)
mic said…
reading your blog has totally become part of my daily routine! i loves it!
MacTaggart said…
oh fragile mommy, we all love this blog. I told you yesterday, I was upset you hadn't written for a few days.

I am upset thing is still making you sick...but agree, we need a belly bump pic.

When do we find out the sex??!!
n-mukai said…
Whoa comments! Thanks guys..... OK I will get you a bump photo soon... We find out if Thing is a he or she in February!!!!!

Any hunches?
amy said…
my guess is GIRL!

in my experience, the little ladies have made people the barfiest.
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Keep it up.

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