I accidentally made a sandwich.

Thanks for your patience while our blog has been random and uninteresting while it tries to find out who it is.

I think now we have a theme though… The most major thing going on in our lives… so, I’ve made our blog private so only you who know what we’re talking about can read it!

The YAY part!
2008 has been a year of change for us… and I’m not talking about Obama (Although, yay.) This year started and Nat and I were dating, living together in our Eastie loft, life as it had been since graduation except we went from downtown renters to Eastie owners. Little did I know he had a ring stashed… In February, we got engaged. September, married. Yesyes, you know this, you were there. And now… We just found out that we’re pregnant!!!!! Ho.ly.surprise. Yep we’re just moving things right along…

Some friends and I have this joke about a baby being easier to make than a sandwich. Because you can accidentally make a baby, but you can’t accidentally make a sandwich. And here I am living proof. And it’s 11:30 and I’m hungry and I don’t even have a damn sandwich.

But we are excited!

The Woe-is-me part.
…So I took some time away from the blog, and work, and well, general physical upkeep while I have been suffering the worst morning sickness ever. Had it not been for the constant vomiting and unwavering nausea giving me the first clue that I’m pregnant, I probably would have continued to happy hour with no knowledge of the little bean growing inside me.

And now everything is different! However; today has not been the best day… we’re about 4 weeks into knowing about “Thing” as we affectionately call he or she, and about 5 weeks into me being sick and throwing up every day. It’s been brutal and after this many days, I feel defeated. One day I was throwing up so violently a macaroni came out of my nose, no joke. Seriously! A 'roni out the nose. Anyway I’ll spare you the rest of the details…

The good news is I went to the doctor and I’m very healthy and hopefully I’m only looking at a few more weeks of sickness. I’m optimistic it will be over soon! Because I’m no longer sick every night and every once in a while I have a good non-sick day.

So if I am not responsive, (sorry I am somewhat anti-social lately, I don’t think vomiting, lumbering and groaning is appropriate for social situations) just know that I’m being a good M** already by sacrificing my physical wellbeing for Thing, the bean!


MacTaggart said…
omg you are too stinking cute, except for the macaroni part. i didn't even know that was possible.
k. mukai said…
It's possible, I've seen Matt Holbrook do it and he wasn't even pregnant.
n-mukai said…
Aww, I miss Se┼łor Hole-Ass. Who knew we have nose-roni in common!

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