Kindness could save you a big ol' mess.

Yesterday I didn’t throw up once! Another good day! But today I did… it was about 10:30 a.m. and I was feeling myself crash, so I did what I do when I feel a little wobbly. I run out to go get some high-carb high-protein meal before it’s too late. It's my crash-eating, and when the feeling comes on, I have about 15 minutes max to get something in my system or else I get sick.

I had missed the window and knew I needed to throw up (I’m sorry no one has ever talked so much about throwing up, but it’s my life for the time being). Clients are here, I'm on the lobby floor, people in the restroom… it just wasn’t logistically working out - so I had to leave. I’m hoping to TELL my team when the time is right, not let them find out from overhearing my many calls to Ralph on the big white phone.

So I ran to MIT next door. There’s a big anonymous bathroom, and I figured there's a chance there are some hungover kids also throwing up and I could just come out and be all like "yeaa... great party last night man" and save a little face. Mercifully it was empty, so I took care of what I needed to take care of, brushed, Listerined, and left. But not before grabbing a sandwich.

The trouble with the 10:30 a.m. crash is that nothing is open except for breakfast, which won’t do. The crooked woman at the sandwich stand barked “WE OPEN AT 11” and walked away. I said, “It’s quarter of, is there any way you could make one for me now?” The nice gentleman who is going to heaven cuts off the crooked woman and says “Of course, what can I get for you.” Crooked woman says “NO. We open at 11.” Then looks at me. “WHAT, YOU GOT SOMEWHERE TO GO?” Green-faced, I reply “Well no. But I’m pregnant and I don’t feel well and I’m going to throw up if I don’t eat something now – please!” Crooked glares and walks away. Heaven-man literally RUNS to make my sandwich and undercharges me. I hobble to a table nearly in tears so happy to have my grilled chicken, mustard, lettuce, and pickle on wheat at 10:45.

I’ve had a lot of odd run-ins when crash-eating. Every time, the person behind the counter has to give me attitude about ordering a lunch item at 10 a.m. or 3 p.m. I’m thinking – you WORK at this burrito place. Every time someone walks in the door, they want a burrito. Why are you so surprised???

I guess my point is, why not choose to be nice. Little do you know you could be choosing between helping someone get through the workday or getting vomited on.


amy said…
a) i'm so effing excited for you guys.

b) you're so right about this. i was on the t once and got really really sick - like had to be near toilet so i ran into a cvs on comm ave and was threw myself towards the cashier. "NEED. BATHROOM." and they...laughed at me? then said it was only for employees. i started to cry so they got scared and showed me the way but wtf?

c) you are going to be the cutest pregnant lady in history.
n-mukai said…
I see you did not read the post about my zits ;)

Thank you! And what is with people. If I reincarnate as a sandwich maker or pharmacy toilet guarder, I'll just do whatever you want.
Stephanie said…
you poor thing; that puking must be the worst!!!! hang in there.

hey, just be like me and puke on the t post new years eve...2002? Maybe the one where Nikki, you and i made out with the same guy? ugh.
Eileen said…
It really is harder to get a sandwich than to get a mini Mukai! I am so excited about your olive-turtle-cuteness to be!

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