The girl who cried ZIT.

So one fannn-tastic side effect of raging hormones is apparently explosive acne. Thus far I have been lucky; in college I would party all night and then pass out in crazy make up and wake up all fresh and blemish-free. I never had acne as a teenager or even more than a couple mini blemishes ever… I have basically had anti-zit skin. Not that I wasn’t nerdy, because ohhh I was. What I lacked in zits I made up for in orca whale sweatshirts. And now I feel that karma (karma, what did I do?!?!) has saved up almost 27 years of zits and is fireballing them all over my face and cackling at my new and severe topography.

I feel like a loser at Girl Talk, but that game doesn’t have enough zit stickers to appropriately reflect my situation... And what’s worse and odd and convinces me it’s the plan of an evil universe is that the zits are in the shape of a beard and tears. I look like I’m growing a red bumpy chinstrap and crying zits about it. Complexion by Jack Handy?

I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m eating insane foods, but it’s not like I’m rubbing it on my face before I eat it. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge water drinker – usually 1 to 2 full Nalgene’s per work day – and now I just drink juice and ginger ale since water is hard for me to keep down.

Anyway, today I’m making a resolution: DRINKKK WATER. I had one full cup in addition to all my juices and it didn’t sit well but I kept it down. I’m going for 7 more before the day is done… I don’t care what I have to do make it happen, but I’m going to do it. And I’m switching from my mild Aveda cleanser to a whole regimen of Dr. Weil… hopefully the combo will have me semi-normal for holiday parties this weekend or else I’ll just have to call them “ornaments” instead of zits. Cruel world.


amy said…
get lots of shit with 2% salicylic acid. it works wonnnders.

neutrogena face wash has it, and then the clear gel from clean and clear. oh and then also benzoyl peroxide works well for current ouchy zits b/c it dries them up. etc.
n-mukai said…
i will try anything! Seriously if you told me to brush my face with toothpaste and stick my head in the freezer i would.

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