Cabin Fever...

So I don’t know if you’ve heard, but for the past 5+ weeks I’ve been kind of anti-social and lethargic and spend my time outside of work at home taking “transitional naps” on the couch… which means that’s where I eat and come in and out of consciousness until I can muster up the strength to go upstairs for my 9 p.m. bedtime.

If you remember Nikki as 1-person and not 2, she was a social butterfly… dining out with friends and coworkers, movies, happy hour, dinner parties, shopping… none of that seems appealing to me anymore because, what will I do if I need crazy food or a receptacle to throw up in?? I’m now at my happiest when I’m horizontal, in an elastic waistband, and in my own home.

I got the first clue of cabin fever when Nat came home from the outside world and I proceeded to tell him about what I had learned about our fishes personalities from hours of laying down and staring at the tank. He kindly listened and then later asked if I'd like him to call my girlfriends or family and invite them over. Sadly, it's not like I’m talking to a dog or a cat or volleyball (Wilson!) or anything that is aware that I (or itself) exists. Nonetheless, they’re my new social circle and I’m going to introduce them to you.

Goby: He’s kind of a loner, and has severe OCD. He sifts all the sand so it’s even and gets annoyed with the little snails on the glass, and tries to pull them off! It’s hilarious. And he takes the shells from one side of the tank and moves them to a pile on the other side, and then back again. Goby, you're so crazy!

Shrimpy: The shrimps used to live together on one rock, but had a domestic dispute and now live on separate rocks. A few days later, only one shrimp can be found. I don’t ask questions.

Clamato: The red evil clam who lives in a dirty corner. He’s the homeless guy that everyone else ignores. I actually hate Clamato. I’d flush him but I’m certain he’d return with a motive and I want no part of that.

Xanadu: Can you say DIVA? The slightest thing and she curls up in a tantrum, sometimes for no reason at all. Totally high maintenance, but really pretty when left alone. Interesting fact: You can cut off her arm and it’ll turn into a completely new Xanadu! I’m tempted to try it, but haven’t yet been driven to that level of boredom.

Anyway I realize this is probably pretty boring for you so I’ll spare you the details of the rest of the gang. Maybe you’ll come over someday and meet them. You’ll love Sherbs, he thinks he’s a dog! I’ll stop…

You’ll be happy to hear I am getting out of the house tonight. My friend Caroline is having a holiday party in her adorable North End apartment, mocktails for me and TONS of food I can and will eat. The North End is all dolled up for the holidays and it just warms your heart being in that neighborhood.

Caroline also has a fish tank. I will let you know tomorrow what % of my time is spent talking to people vs. fish.


amy said…
holy eff you're hilarious. i just spit out my lemonade onto keyboard.

p.s. may i seriously suggest getting an xbox 3 and streaming netflix thru it as i've mentioned on my blog?? it'll change your preggers life.
n-mukai said…
I seriously considered it already after reading about how effortless and movieful your set-up is! I have regular "old school" Netflix that uses a DVD player, but I'm Asian and therefore should have the cooler newer technology (xbox).

And why are we not Netflix friends, I would love to stalk your movie list. I already stalk your blog... I'm kinda the Lionel Richie to your blind ballet student.
amy said…
oh wait! i feel i may have misled you - when you use the xbox thing, you still ALSO get the old school dvds, too. the "instant play" is like a fun bonus feature. they only have 10-15% of their library on there so far, so you still need the hard discs. sooo it's not one or the other it's both, natch.

and yes! let's become netflix friends! altho really, you'd 'roni out the nose at what i watch.
n-mukai said…
Amy, you just made my day by officially making "'roni" a verb.

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