Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I spent this Christmas on Long Island with the Ferrante’s which was so much fun. I forgot what it is like to have little kids in the family, and sharing the house with 4 kids for most of the time was a treat! And by treat, I mean EXHAUSTING. But great. But mainly exhausting. (I’m sure it didn’t help that I was feeling sick for 2 of the 4 days and am exhausted almost 100% of the time anyway.)

Christmas morning was hilarious. Cole (4 years old) and Andrew (2 years old) were fully in the Christmas spirit: covered with candy cane “juice”, hopping up and down at the sight of the gifts covering the tree, and offering to open their siblings’ or cousin’s gifts (how charitable!). My observation about kids toys is this: each has its own distinct and very loud noiiiiiiiiiise. No kid toy is just a quiet plush naptime snuggler. They all have something you can squeeze, poke, push, vibrate, play, or honk. And if it doesn’t, it’s not fun unless you bang it against another toy or smack it on the floor. And many have flashing lights! Which brings me to my next subject, my new phase of morning sickness…

Migraines. And they say, “But you can take Tylenol!” Tylenol? Ha! Placebo. Gimme a break. Yes I know I had it coming – I got the two girls musical bells for Christmas. I’m going to ding-dong hell.

Amidst the noise and excitement though, I left knowing that I wouldn’t have wanted anything different than to spend that time with my 4 nephews and nieces that I love! And I’m excited to meet Thing in person… Hopefully he or she will have Cole’s curiosity, Andrew’s kindness, Kit’s adorable spunk, and Syd’s happy intelligence. However, I also know that he or she will be a 5th brand new personality in the family.

I also got to see my cousin Bridget over the weekend; she just turned 2 and is SO smart and social. Here she is as our flower girl… she went to go pick up all the petals she dropped because she didn’t want to make a mess!

Who knew I was such a kid lover! I guess growing up on the West coast I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my younger cousins and I'm the oldest in my generation on both sides, so I didn't have those babies to be around. Or maybe Thing is making me all mushy!


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