Taste tester

We are trying to make the switch to table food, but not having the most success.

Puffs, yogurt, chicken, banana, mango

Toast, sweet potato, sea bass

Tofu, mozzarella, avocado, blueberries, orange, peas, carrots

Pasta, salmon, kiwi, green beans, soft jarred no-sugar added peaches and pears

She still prefers her jarred food.  I feel like this kid is still going to be on a diet of Stage 2 pureed food and puffs when she's 10!  I mean, how embarassing is that going to be when kids are trading Fruit by the Foot and Lucy's strapping on her bib to eat 10 jars of pureed apples and prunes??

If you have any suggestions for what your kiddos liked when switching to table food, I'd love to hear it!


Juro said…
At that stage I recall you liked:
- grey sole (sauteed, light flour)
- chicken tenders (same)
- mashed potatoes
- rice
- with/without furi-kake
- sweet potato
- cauliflower

A little later
- salmon
- brocolli
- green beans and kernel corn
Anonymous said…
Does not like Italian or Spanish food? Thought her name was going mexicana....... so no Maroni, or Besito for Lucy.....

Pop Pop
amy said…
i want to smush her face!!

um i can't say i blame her for not liking tofu. aaowerupoearueaer.

i wish i had some tips for you! keep us posted on what she ends up eating!
Amanda said…
Sounds like you are doing the right thing, a few new foods at a time. I have read that it can take a child 10 or more times of trying a food before they will actually LIKE it.. have fun with that! :) Oh and can you make me dinner? I'll eat any of that.
Kristie said…
Hi Nikki!
A few things I've done with Harrington is introduce the new food with the babyfood. ie. put applesauce on his toast, or the pureed squash on pasta (which I'm sure she'll like!) Also try combining avocado/pear (or whatever combo sounds good). He will usually eat anything but I haven't tried as much as you have already! He definitely makes a face with different textures. They just looooove those Puffs! Love the blog!
Ugh. It is so hard to get onto table food. I was not able to get my daughter to switch until 13 months. So you are so far ahead of where we were!

The magic trick for us was tomato sauce (and patience and persistence). I can cover most things with tomato sauce and she will eat it. I puree lamb, steak, chicken and add veggies (zucchini, mushrooms, etc) and coat with tomato sauce. Place atop a small sized pasta. Farfalline works best for us; baby bow-ties. Bite sized. You can add cream if you want to add some more calories.

Also, cut out snacks for a couple days while you transition. Lucy will be nice and hungry for meal times. It can be so frustrating but you just have to keep at it. She will figure it out.

Good luck!
apparently I will always be known as "my life in pictures'

- Lindsey
Nikki said…
Thank you, thank you! Especially Kristie and Lindsey - This definitely gives me some great suggestions to keep us busy for a while... and I'll try again with some rejects soon....

Excited for some variety for Lu!
Lindsey said…
So sad on the tofu, that was and still is Isabella's favorite. Also sad about the avocado, that's my favorite.
Nikki said…
I know @Lindsey, I thought the same thing! I love tofu and avocado.

However, Lucy hated blueberries the first time, but we tried again yesterday and she loved them! Maybe she will change her mind about tofu and avocado? And hopefully veggies....
Kristie said…
have you tried hummus? Harrington looooves it! Spread it on some whole wheat toast, she'll go to town!
Nikki said…
Add that to the next up list! However I'm still wary of spices, etc and things I don't make that aren't labeled BABY FOOD.

Perhaps I'll make some homemade hummus for Lu!
Beth in SF said…
Main advice: keep trying foods she doesn't care for. Some kiddos need to try something a few times.

At that age, bowie pretty much only ate the baby food I made and toast. But I kept introducing fruit like strawberries and bananas, and he also really liked animal crackers.
Tori said…

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