Today's conversation

Clearly, she has no idea what she's talking about.

Lucy:  Dadadadada.  Dadadadada.

Me: Lucy, say MAMAMAMAMA.

Lucy: Dadadadada. 

Me: No Lucy, who changes your diapers?  Who does bathy time?  MAMAMAMA.

Lucy: Da!  Da!  Da!

Me:  No it's MAMA.  Lucy, what other words do you know?

Lucy: Dadada.  Dadada. 

Me:  Lucy, who's your second favorite?

Lucy: * silence *

Nat: * laughs *


Anonymous said…
Suggestion, next time she needs a change, ask her to say dadadada, and Nat will have no choice

Pop Pop
amy said…
so unfair! why's dada always the first word?? is it the facial hair? do we need stubble?

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