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Monday was a gorgeous day and I was home early after being released from jury duty (Lucy was my ticket out of there) - so I took advantage of the afternoon and spent it with Lucy at the park outside our apartment.  The last time the weather was this nice, she was just a tiny newborn and was only able to enjoy the weather from her stroller or carrier.  Now she is able to play!

We crawled around on the blanket.

We read a book and had a snack.

We rolled a ball.

It was so nice!

Over the weekend, we were at my Grandparents' where she had her first encounter with grass...  I think she mistook it for SMOULDERING HOT LAVA.  So where I was so careful to gently introduce her to the grass, Nat meets us there after work and of course plops her right on it to see what she will do.

...Which was hilarious.  She threw her feet and hands into the air and balanced on her bum until we picked her up.  WOULD. NOT. TOUCH. THE GRASS.  I swear she was almost levitating.

So the answer to baby proofing?  ASTROTURF BOUNDARIES.  Get ready for it.


The feet! The hands! The face! She is priceless!!
aimee.s.s. said…
I'm in love with this last picture of Luc -- she is too cute.
h said…
that is the cutest thing i have ever seen. <3 your daughter, nikki!
UMASS91 said…
HAHA!! ok seriously that is the FUNNIEST picture ever. And I am not surprised, most babies do not like the texture of grass right away.
UMASS91 said…
I cant keep laughing at this photo...she is hilarious! what a silly bug! SO FUNNY! I'm dyin over here. Yes, its a Friday night and I keep laughing at how funny Lucy is. :-)a
amy said…
omg. incredibly funny!! amazing shot, too -- must be framed!! can't wait to see lulu this summer all growed up!
Juro said…
She's so cute - this is going to be a fun summer!
Lindsey said…
Those are my favorite socks!! Love her aversion to grass, I've never seen that before.

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