Where there's smoke, there's fire.

One of our many nicknames for Lucy is "Toots" because like all infants, she toots totally unashamed, like smiling, grunting, eye-contact farts that make everyone feel a little embarrassed except for her.

I mean it's not like ALL THE TIME, but yes, even our most beautiful and lovely Lucy is capable of erupting not unlike a man who exists on a diet of beer and corn nuts.

So tonight at bath time, Lucy is squeaky clean and playing in the tub and I'm reaching for her towel when I hear some bubbles in her bath. "Lucy!" I say. "Are you tooting in your bath? You are not supposed to toot in the bath."

Then she smiled and... I think you can guess what happened.  

I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, need to get back to cleaning the tubs...


Jim said…
You need to create a new tag for "stories that will mortify Lucy when she's old enough to read this."
Nikki said…
Also "therapy-inducing" and "like birth-control"

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