Go-time suitcase

With less than 9 weeks to go, I’m starting to feel the pressure of having things ready for the baby’s arrival. I’m not stressed; however I’ve been having some anxiety dreams... the most recent of which is that I’m in labor and at the hospital, I realize I don’t have my hospital bag leaving me ill-prepared, ill-clothed, and without alcohol for this moment for which I have been waiting for months. (I'll let you decide if I mean the baby or my reunion with alcohol.)

This is my brain’s way of telling me it’s time to make a list, pack that suitcase, and let myself worry about some other looming task. But tell me, WHAT AM I MISSING?

• Books and magazines for me and Nat
• Ipod and speakers
• Glasses and contacts
• Toiletries and Look-OK-In-Pictures Miracle Kit
• Throw-away socks or slippers
• Baby F’s comfy coming home outfit, blanket, and baby nail file
• Comfortable clothes, various unmentionables, and a robe (I’m a little nervous that everyone suggests that all the clothes I bring should be ones that can get RUINED)
• Something comfortable to go home in
• Computer and cord so I can blast obscenities to the internet (if they don’t have internet I don’t know what I’m gonna do besides post every swear word I can think of on Twitter)
• Camera (for use during approved times only)
• Blackberry and charger
• Husband, sans video camera or recording device of any kind
• Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Anejo tequila

What else, what else?


Uncle Frank the Builder said…
Lime or lemon your preference and salt. Install car seat for the ride home. Formula incase you stuck in traffic.....
Nat said…
I'm going to pack my "how to be a dad, step one" hand book and reference sheet with checklist.
Maybe some board games—monopoly or pictionary—to get us through the monotony of when we get there and when she finally comes.
Camcorder with charged batteries and appropriate lighting equipment.
Snacks… maybe a chicken parm sandwich.
Nikki said…
Let me tell you - step one is do not bring a video camera. Dad has no rights in baby delivery land... If i see that thing you'll be video taping what happens in the waiting room.

Uncle Frank the Builder said…
Trade in current wheels for Mini Van your going to need it and check cool vehicle status at the curb…..
Nat said…
minivan... that's a funny joke.
Beth in SF said…
You're pretty well set. Honestly the only thing I used from my giant suitcase was my going home outfit and baby's going home outfit. The hospital we were at had toiletries, slippers, even underwear for me, because it was disposable. I'd have a chat with them about what you really need. I had brought an iPod and magazines but there ended up not being a lot of time for that, and I was in labor at night so I slept most of the time. Good call on the tequila. My sis-in-law brought us champagne.
Lindsey said…
Baby hats to keep her head warm!!
Uncle Frank the Builder said…
How about a classic station wagon in place of the
minivan this way you can keep the cool car status?
jnette said…
If you are packing tequila, then it looks like you've forgotten shot glasses, limes, and salt. Just adding to your list!
Nikki said…
Great suggestions! It's been so long I have forgotten about the accessories... Just the bottle would do. Limes! Fancy!

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