Sonogram #3

As of today, Baby F and I are a picture of health! Here are some items from today's doctor visits:
  • Baby F is in the 67th percentile in weight for her age (28/29 weeks) weighing in at 2.5 pounds. This is in the "average" range and is a good sign.

  • Her organs - including her brain matter, which we saw today - appear to be great shape.

  • The low-lying placenta is now completely resolved!
We were so thrilled to see her and talk to our doctor, that we were on high when the nurse came in to administer my Rhogam shot since my blood type is Rh negative. I lifted up my sleeve and she told me to bend over... Yup, I took it in the bum.

Anyway, the best part of the day was saying hi to Baby F who showed us her beautiful profile. This is our last sonogram, so the next time we see her it will be face to face!


mic said…
YAY! i'm glad you're both super healthy!

how's the loft?
n-mukai said…
Loft is good!! Outside of her room is done - inside will be completed in a couple weeks... I will be uploading pics once we begin to unpack!
amy said…
WOO! Nothing better than a healthy baby and a healthy mama.

So crazy that you won't see her till you SEE her. !!!!

(P.S. Can you give my dummy brain an explanation on the blood type/shot thing? Me confused. I don't even know my blood type er??)
Kate said…
Sonograms were so important in my pregnancy, I felt that I got to meet the human I was growing inside of me. It always kept me going!
MacTaggart said…
Yes more info on blood type. YAYYYYY for baby F!! and for mama for being healthy too!
n-mukai said…
OK here's the deal as i understand it on blood type....

If you have a negative blood type like me, you need a shot of Rhogam at 28 weeks so your body doesn't create antibodies to reject your baby's blood if your baby has a positive blood type and if there's any blood/blood contact.
k. mukai said…
YES!! Tell baby F I can't wait to meet her!!

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