The Buddha called...

He wants his figure back.

Sunday was lovely weather, so Nat and I went walking around Fan Pier for the Volvo Ocean Race and the contemporary art museum. Summer weather is lovely for shedding the many layers of winter clothing; however it's not lovely for turning my feet and ankles into what can only be described as Kielbasa.


mic said…
i was going to try to restrain myself from hugging your tummy this weekend (i figure a ton of ppl are touching your mid section these days and you're probably getting tired of it), but i'm sorry, i make no promises now. your baby wearing ed hardy?
Nikki said…
please hug her! she'll probably punch you though - she's quite fiesty in there.

yep she's in ed hardy - i can't get a tattoo until she's outta me so i figure that's the next best thing.

or that's one of the only shirts left in my closet i can stretch over myself.
amy said…
holy man, you are so cute.

and i'm so jealous michaela gets to 'meet' the little lady! (and hang out with you, ahem.)

you're getting so close!!
sarasophia said…
You are beyond adorable.

And Ed Hardy never knew he designed maternity wear, did he:P

You do that tee such justice.
Nikki said…
If by justice, you mean stretching it out beyond its limits and potentially hulking out of it - then yes, justice has been served!

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