Chocolate. Chocolate is the answer.

Today I was a teary ball of stress for most of the day... hormones + construction craziness + changing plans + HORMOOOONES = insane, insane wife. But Nat, you can deal with it right? Because I'm, you know, CREATING NEW LIFE and all. (Apparently day 5 away from my couch and hubs and I get a little edgy.) It's Caroline I feel bad for. She is a lovely host and did not put a baby inside me, and is the one dealing with Preggy Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

So I did the only thing a pregnant lady can do, since modern medicine says I can't chug a bottle of wine and chain smoke a pack of cigarettes while expecting:

Chocolate ice cream is the answer. Us ladies are happy now.


MacTaggart said…
Awww, I'm sure Caroline still loves you. That ice cream looks yummy. I wish I had an excuse for my bitch fests and inhaling food. LOL!
Anonymous said…
Hang in their Mukai Mom to be….Nat the Man will make it
all right…in a few month from now your Bra Factory compartment
will be jam-packed with more primary colored baby equipment then you
will know what to do with and this will seem like a walk in the park. Have
a glass of wine (yes a glass of wine) Baby F will love it no time like the
present to start building tolerance…If Nat the Man is not performing
up to par give me a call and will help him out…I know he’s not carrying
baby F but he’s expecting too…LUV Uncle Frank The Builder
n-mukai said…

Nat the man is taking good care of us and this whole project; however my hormones cannot be reigned in!

We LOVE the baby room and I can't wait until it's done! I'm going to start calling you ANT Frank because in that picture of the beam, it looks like you're carring 2000 times your weight. (Get it?)

Thank you so much for everything! Me and Nat (and Baby F) are so thankful.

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