This weekend we made some major headway on Baby F’s room… Nat’s parents came in from New York to paint and work on what is unaffectionately known as “The Nikki Wall”.

The Nikki Wall is the box on the left wall that I, crazy as I am, insisted that we build to enclose a series of pipes in the baby’s room. Also, when you say “Nikki Wall” you must grimace and knife me with your eyes according to Nat, Frank, and Chris - the builders and main opposition of The Nikki Wall.

With the inlaws in town for not even 2 full days, we installed shelving in the laundry room, painted the baby’s room, skim coated and installed moulding on The Nikki Wall, cleaned, and had some fun too. I can only take credit for kindly diminishing Boston’s supply of bonbons and keeping my giant circumference out of the way by placing it on the couch.

A lot of work went into the skim coating, moulding, and rosettes!

Not much left to do now until I can stop having nightmares about going into labor with an unfinished baby room. Thank you V&L!

... And yes, the ceiling is cement and I chose to paint the walls light gray. For all of you naysayers, let me assure you that it'll all make sense once we get the actual storm clouds installed and bring in the decor of chains and crying clowns.


Had a great time, enjoyed the work, but more important enjoyed your and Nat's company


Mom and Dad
Uncle Frank the Builder said…
Hey that work crew looks pretty good
for grandma and grandpa…..types
mic said…
it's totally coming along! i hope i get to see it this weekend! you can put me to work. :)
Ruby said…
LOL, the storm clouds comment is too funny!

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