Bring on the noise.

Yesterday I stopped by to drop off dinner and see the progress on Baby F's room... HOLY CHANGE.

Day 0: Load-in
Furniture is packed, walls are bare, and supplies are being loaded in. View of the far wall from the loft.

Day 1: Railing comes down, support beam goes up.
That’s right, those are giant holes in the wall to mount the beam. And that’s Frank, lifting the 22-ft. beam into place. And where’s Nat? Holding the camera.

Day 2: The beginnings of a baby room!
Three sets of hands can get so much done in the course of a day. I was SHOCKED to see what had gotten done while I was at work on Friday. By the sounds of it though, they got a really early start... Gotta love when building management socks you with a noise violation and fine. Whoops.

Day 3 is today... Can’t wait to see what the guys have done for Baby F today! She is a lucky girl.


aimee.s.s. said…
WOW, I can't believe how quickly Nat and Uncle Frank are getting it done. Can't wait for more updates, its going to look amazing.

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