What a guy.

Saturday (Day 3 construction) I came by to drop off Anna’s Taqueria take-out for the guys and check on Baby F’s room... Good lord, the place is in total disarray. I’m glad I’m staying elsewhere or I think I’d have a stress attack before I died of breathing construction particles. But, the progress is amazing and the room is PERFECT!

Day 3: Upstairs/downstairs
The state of our apartment on Saturday afternoon.

Day 4: Almost done...
The room is nearing completion – 2 more coats of spackle, painting, and carpet installation and we’re ready to decorate! However, those three things I listed are not easy jobs... Frank and Chris are gone, so Nat and I are on our own. Translation: Nat is on his own.

I have to give Nat tons of credit for making this all happen – Baby F is going to have a lovely room in a few short weeks. When I came home last night after this leg of the project was completed, he was cut up, sore, tired, and dirty (due to a little snafu we lost hot water for a day) but he was all smiles at what had been accomplished despite having to work around the clock. Finally yesterday evening our hot water was restored, and Nat took a much needed shower and nap. I was so happy to be home and with him after 4-days of no hubs time; however a couple of hours in the apartment and I started to feel sick because of all of the dust and particles from the construction... So we ran some errands, grabbed dinner, and I’m back in the North End at Caroline’s.

I’m not at work today – had to let the HVAC guy in to finish his work AND we had opening day tickets at Fenway, but the game was just postponed due to rain. So today I’m still here at Caroline’s going through her things, using her toothbrush, erasing her DVR, and licking all the clean spoons and putting them back in the drawer.


CH said…
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I knew you'd be up to no good once I left for work! More like it you cleaned and folded things and left me a little note :) That would be really funny if you accidentally used Jason's or Jen's toothbrush. hahaha
n-mukai said…
chances are good - i goldilocksed all of the toothbrushes.
mic said…
woah, i totally want some anna's taqueria!
aimee.s.s. said…
Too funny! Wow, your place is going to look amazing! I've been reading on my phone a lot lately, but I can't comment or see pics, so, I'm catching up!
Juro said…
Nik - I'm in LA but will be back by this weekend so let me know if you (Nat) needs help on Sunday.

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