Boob job

Shortly after we moved in to our apartment in Dec 2006, we built a lofted space that looks over the “living room” (which happens to also be the “family room”, the “kitchen” and, well, “the whole entire apartment”). The project was MAJOR. At the time, we had little furniture so it could have been more drastic and inconvenient; however the end product was an additional 300 sq. ft. of space giving us a legitimate bedroom, walk-in closet, and office/storage area. SO WONDERFUL.

The Bra Factory before
Picture us coming home tipsy in the middle of the night, trying to figure out how to CLIMB A LADDER into our sleeping quarters...

The Bra Factory after
300 additional square feet and a legitimate staircase later! We were so delighted to have stairs - imagine our Slinky celebration. (We added a railing after this picture was taken because new wood floors + new socks = express trip from second floor to first.)

And now, with Baby F on the way and the housing market not exactly being ideal... we’re building on AGAIN! Uncle Frank (the guy in the salmon-colored shirt) is the brain and brawn behind all of our wonderful new living space. I’ll be staying with my friend Caroline in the North End while Frank and Nat tear down the walls and unleash the chaos that is necessary to build a baby room.

They have been working around the clock and today is Day 2. Nat’s brother Chris came in last night to help with the effort... I will update with pictures so you can see what happens when you give three men chainsaws and leave the apartment.


mic said…
you're place looks amazing! i hope i get to see it in May!
sarasophia said…
Lovely loft---I have always wanted one. Our little cottage has THE lowest ceilings so anything vaulted makes me green with jealousy.

And I am glad you installed a railing:) I would have been the one sliding off into oblivion in my sock feet....

<3 sarasophia
Beth in SF said…
Your place is so cute, I'm tres jealous.
mic said…
i'm re-reading this post because it's flagged as one of your most popular and i heart archives, and anyway...i commented the first time and used the wrong spelling of "you're"?!? my life is over.

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