An Excerpt from Instant Messenger

You be the judge.

Nat: Are you feeling any better?
Nikki: Yes
Nat: Put on more comfortable clothes?
Nikki: Yes, and laying down. I think I'm entering a new bracket size-wise - I can no longer sit at a 90 degree angle.
Nat: A new dimension?
Nikki: I guess so
Nat: Of size?
Nikki: Yes... let's go for a walk on Sunday. I'm HUMONGOUS.
Nat: moo moo

[dramatic pause, fire, and brimstone]

Nikki: ................. I'm speechless... I hope you have something incredibly nice locked and loaded to say to me right now...
Nat: No - that was my suggestion of what you should wear - because you look so pretty in dresses...
Nikki: Lies! You just mooed at me!
Nat: You should wear loose flowy dresses
Nikki: Oh my god, YOU MOOED AT ME
Nat: - Like moomoos! I didn't moo at you. I DID NOT MOO AT YOU.
Nikki: doghouse. now.
Nat: ok.



k. mukai said…
nat, you are one lucky dude. but next time maybe spell it muumuu
Nikki said…
Coming from Nat, that would mean a french cow.
Nin said…
Hehehe, I feel your pain, I'm coming up 34 weeks and I can barely move without being in pain! And anything with elastic...OH DEAR GOD NO! I can only bear it for about 3 hours!
sarasophia said…

<3 sarasophia
Juro said…
I swayer ya honah that man is innocent! ;)
MacTaggart said…
hahaha, I can't even believe how funny that is. at least he didn't say OINK.
Uncle Frank The Builder said…
Nat, Nat, Nat never corner a cat
you will always come out with your
nose scratched.

There is no correct answer to the question.
Do these paints (dress, skirt, etc.) make me look fat.

Beware of the women (Niki) in the delivery room
No holds bared once you enter that zone your on your own…….

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