Now that we’re nearing the end, everyone is asking about Baby F’s real name. I made the mistake of admitting we had settled on something, but since we’re keeping it a secret, it would have been easier to just say we don’t know! (I’ve been getting scoffs when I refuse to tell the name.)

So I’m just going to tell you: It’s Wendy Thelma Ferrante. We already ordered her a little Jansport backpack that says WTF, so we can slap our knees and guffaw as she gets on the bus.


aimee.s.s. said…
Aw, how cute. Wendy, we can't wait to meet you!
Nat said…
WTF, Nik... why are you now allowed to tell everyone her name?!

BTW, my word verification passcode is "bakin". mmmmmmm.

MacTaggart said…
HAHAHA....ps, i always wanted my name to be wendy when i was little. Do you remember her from Just The Ten Of Us??!! ahahahahha....im loling right now.
n-mukai said…
I wanted to be WINNIE.

Nat, are you suggesting that we name her Bakin?
Nat said…
No... I just liked Bacon.
n-mukai said…
Then this is for you, Nat:


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