But I am a gentle giant.

I said I didn’t have a bumpdate picture for you, but what I meant was I didn’t have a good one. I took this over the weekend while at Caroline’s, but this flowy shirt only really shows off the weight I’ve gained in my legs. Let me assure you, that’s not a loosely hanging top. That’s all me.

I owe you a decent bumpdate pic, perhaps where I'm wearing a bodysuit so you can see all the gigantic Chinese cabbage I've got going on.


amy said…
First off, your post title made me gag laughing.

Second off, you're effing cute as a button.

Third - is that light gray on the walls, Rhiney? I like it.
mic said…
eee! of course you have adorable maternity clothes!
Lindsey said…
Oh, but your are such a cute giant! And not really a giant, Lord knows I hope I can look half as cute as you when I finally have my bump (which will likely cause all kinds of other bumps, not to mention folds and rolls). Really, you are super cute and I love the blog. I'm quite impressed with the remodel while preggers. And I've often thought living in a commercial space would be fun. Do you like it? How long do you think you'll live there? And how will the stairs/loft work with little one(s)?
n-mukai said…
Ahh Lindsey you are too nice! And yes I probably should have mentioned that.... we are enclosing the loft entirely with a plexiglass half wall - no risks of little ones falling through to the first floor EEK! And will be closing off the stairs so they can't be accessed by baby. Once she's old enough to come even close to maneuvering a gate, we'll have to be outta there!

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