Lucy's first Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  The sun finally came out in Boston, which was delightful.  We started the day with an Easter basket for Lucy, which we filled with pink and green straw and then thought better of it after putting in all the goodies, so threw the straw away, vaccuumed the basket and started over.  Whatever, we're new at this.

We loaded up her Easter basket with colored eggs, two wooden puzzles, a sock monkey mermaid, peach yogurt melts, and apple puffs!  Then spent the day at my Grandparents house, where Lucy learned that she is completely confused and horrified by GRASS. City girl.


Bunny rabbit teeth!  Festive!


Amanda said…
Love the froggy pjs and of course the teeth.. she's getting so big!
amy said…
aww! i can't wait to do an easter basket for my bug! (it just didn't seem worth it this year as she was SCREAMING HER FACE OFF and also has no idea...what anything means.)

also? i want that sock monkey mermaid!
Anonymous said…
My granddaughter, the city slicker


Pop Pop
UMASS91 said…
OMG!! Where did you get the frogs? Andrew needs a pair asap.
UMASS91 said…
OMG! Where I did you get the frogs? Andrew needs one asap. :-)
love it!
nikki said…
Cool it UMASS! Hah - they're Carter's from Babies R Us! She loves her carters jammies. So comf.

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