We're having a turtle!

That doctor appointment was a TRIP. Here are some things I learned:

  • I’m 7 lbs. fatter than I thought.

  • I’m 1 ½” shorter than I thought.

  • I’m farther along than we thought! We thought I was at 10 weeks, but today starts either the 11th or 12th week. We’ll have a better idea at the next sonogram.


  • Here’s what happened. The doctor said no picture this time. We are going to listen to the heartbeat instead. This early on, you only get a picture if there is any evidence that something is not right. For example, if we can’t hear the heartbeat, we get a sonogram to make sure everything is OK in there.

    Here comes the goo, followed by the baby microphone. Literally as soon as it touches my stomach: WOM WOM WOM WOM WOM WOM WOM WOM. It’s aliiiive! Nat and I both had crazy physical reactions to our first interaction with Thing! I went into a teary laughing fit and Nat turned into a surprised statue! It was so funny!

    So after the heartbeat insanity, Nat was trying to find out what we could do to get a picture. I thought, it’s OK, I don’t have to see it, I already know what it looks like (happy little olive). Nothing we can do - oh well - gotta go - next time.

    So we talked to the doctor about my hyperemesis and what I can do to curb it without the magic pills (answer: nothing) and he said “Hmm... Maybe we should take a look in there.” He explained that some people interpret hyperemesis as a sign of a healthy growing baby since more often miscarriages occur with people who do not have morning sickness. He continued, “It could also be a sign of multiple gestations.”

    Nikki: Multiple gestations?? What, like I’m going to carry this thing for 18 months?
    Doctor: Multiple gestations, as in there may be more than one in there.
    Nat and Nikki: ...#@(*#@*&^#*@?!?... [No footage]

    In comes nurse with the sonogram machine. The machine looks surprisingly like ET. Or am I just freaking out. More goo. Touchdown... WHEW, It’s just one! Oh man... can you imagine if I went all Jon and Kate + 8 on you right now?

    Everyone, meet Thing! Doesn’t Thing look like a little upside-down turtle?


    I love our scary little turtley Thing. ♥ And by "love" I mean "AM TERRIFIED".


    amy said…
    holy amazing-ness.

    i don't even miss the pimento nose that's so cool.

    altho i almost peed my pants when you said "multiples" -- we'd have snagged you a tlc show.

    will you pretty please start a bump watch??
    CH said…
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! so pumped to meet Thing!!!

    And I'm also really excited that it looks like Thing is ALREADY wearing sunglasses! What a cool thing to do!
    mic said…
    omg, LOVES IT!

    and i second amy's request to start a bump watch!
    n-mukai said…
    I swallowed a tiny pair of Wayfarers so Thing can be fashionable for the first photo shoot.

    And bump watch hmmm... only if i look fantastic as a big round person...
    dmbthree said…
    Woohoo ;) Way too excited for you guys .... Multiples, could you imagine???
    n-mukai said…
    omg I can't! I can't imagine! i'm so glad we confirmed it's only one.....

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