Merry Christmas!

Now with 3 kids in the mix, Christmas is BANANAS.  I can't imagine it getting more fun than this... the magic is real, and the excitement is the kind that gets you up at 5 AM with the kind of noise and energy that wakes up a neighborhood.  It's fantastic ;)

I was a little nervous pre-Christmas, since little June has gotten an early start on what I can only imagine is the terrible twos.  In the days leading up to Christmas, she knocked over a Christmas Tree in a restaurant, creating a commotion that had everyone looking at her, standing there as guilty as they come with her fists full of ornaments.  The next day in Whole Foods, she dumped a dozen eggs from the carton into my basket breaking them on everything I had packed into my cart for Christmas dinner.  I also found her greasing up her toes with my chapstick one quiet evening at home  (I'm still confused).  Luckily, she got off easy as a first time offender and Santa still came around.

The older two would have sold her up the river in a heartbeat for putting a Santa visit on the line.

Christmastime here & gone too quick as always.  Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season!


Betsy said…
So, what do you do in this "eggs in a basket" situation? Pay for two carts of groceries? One egg filled and one not? Blame it on a shopping cart malfunction? Teach me your ways, as I'm sure this is in my future!

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