*Slow clap*

Hey y'all!

I’ve got the day off today and guess what I’m doing… shopping and blogging!  That’s right, I’m back friends.  Four years have gone by without any real acknowledgement of what’s been going on over here, but it’s too much to cover so we’re just going to pretend that we're all caught up. 

Essentially, we are though. Because despite the fact that we have a new small and wonderful person living in our house (baby June), the pattern repeats.  Have child, move to new house, renovate new house, keep work/travel moving forward, reinforce integrity of ever-stretched thin thread holding you to your sanity and sense of self, smile like the village idiot as you appreciate the wonderful madness of parenthood, dance party, rinse, repeat.  And sometimes you fit in a shower.  (Usually not.)

There we go. All caught up. 

And if you're interested in more detail before four more years pass (just being real), you may peruse my sophisticated photo journal

Talk soon.


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