Uno, dos, tres...

Cuatro de Mayo proved to be a great excuse to eat something other than soy sauce for dinner.  (Cinco de Mayo would have been Friday, which is usually the day I'm too fried to fry, so it's take-out or family dinner date per usual. Rainy Friday = we ordered pho.)

90% of dinners I make revolve around white rice, soy sauce, a protein, and a veg.

So this time? I shook it up with a Mexican inspired meal.

I fried some white rice with garlic, shallots, lime, smoked paprika, and chili salt, then topped with some fridge and pantry finds.  This time, tomatoes, green onions, sweet red peppers, and some black sesame seeds.

Served with a heaping bowl of seasoned ground turkey, guac, salsa fresca, tortillas, and some corn on the cob.  Gangbusters, baby.

Basically white rice, protein, and veg.  Baby steps!

Speaking of baby steps, I phoned this post in, but hey... I've now posted more in the last couple of weeks than I have in a year, so we're getting there. ;)  Talk soon.


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