Oh, Friday.

On the verge of another weekend... hooray!

You'll notice the blog name changed a bit here.  From The Bra Factory, a nod to the first place we ever owned, where me and the hubs lived when we got engaged, got married, had our first two babies and a whole lot of adventures.  It was literally an old Bra Factory converted into lofts, hence the name. And for us, where it all began, came together, and got exciting.

But now there are more of us and we no longer live in the Bra Factory. We're in the 'burbs of Boston, baby June has joined our clan, and there was a house between where we were and where we are now.  Time's passed, and the Bra Factory was no longer a fit.  For our homestead, and for this blog. 

Identity crisis solved: welcome to Weekend Rhapsody.  Not that I mind the work-week; I get a lot of satisfaction grinding out a 9-5 that makes the weekends so much sweeter.  But those 'off' times, where there's no checklist and the day's a blank page, where we cram adventure, sweat and smiles and create memories - that's what I live for.  

Cheers to that weekend feeling with loved ones.  Those are the moments that make me want to spew some words, document little vignettes of my perspective in some snapshots, and do my best to capture the fleeting moments as best I can.

Because, they are all too fleeting, aren't they?  I haven't been back on this blog for a while, but even scrolling down the page, you see time rewinding, and I wonder where it's gone in such a hurry.  Before my scroll reaches the end, down below I see pictures of Lucy younger than Fred, and Fred younger than June, and June a future amazing turn in our path that we didn't know was coming. 

Happy Friday, guys.  Enjoy your people this weekend.


Megan Willis said…
The Rhapsody is on! Congratulations. Love the pics and tales of your curly headed crew. Thanks to a whompum dose of sunshine, I must say this particular weekend is proving most rhapsodic.
nikki said…
@Megan Willis - sunshine is an essential ingredient! Hoping your weekend was awesome :)

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