35 weeks guys - only 5 more weeks left! Sometimes I wish I could just put him down for a moment and roll over on my stomach, or you know, move at all without grunting and hoisting and yelling HEAVE HO.

Seriously hide your refrigerator and everything in its path. 

See, I'm watching myself type "5 weeks left" but I'm kind of in disbelief - how did this go by so fast!?

I'm definitely feeling like I'm in the home stretch though: sciatica, heartburn, nose bleeds, Braxton Hicks, charlie horses, and barely enough room in there for a full meal. Given that list of ailments, the winter weather, and the fact that I don't usually have access to the car, Lucy and I have been spending a lot of time indoors this past week. Nat kindly described us using the term "Grey Gardens". That'll be my cue to get out as much as possible the next few weeks.

Blame him if my water breaks while Little Edie and I are out on the town.

FLASHBACK: 35 weeks preg with Lucy!


Michaela Morris said…
you and monkey water are looking fantastic!
Anonymous said…
look beautiful to me!!!!!!!

Love Lucy's pop pop

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