Meet the new guy!

Frederick Nathan "Freddy" Ferrante
Born on February 10, 2012 at 2:30 a.m.
8 lbs, 20 inches

Just before bed on his first day.

Having the VBAC couldn't have been more different than the C-section.  Everything leading up to Freddy's arrival (getting sent home with a false alarm on Tuesday, going back in on Wednesday night, lots of labor and an epidural, and finally, Freddy's arrival on Friday morning).  It was so much more intimate, so surreal, and makes me marvel at what the human body can do.  Marvel at my husband for how amazing he was through days in the hospital, marvel at Lucy's maturity and sweetness during the amazing change to our family dynamic.

Labor was long, but the pushing lasted only 30 minutes, and before I could believe it, I was holding my little baby boy, feeling the rush of love and adrenaline upon laying eyes on him.  Perfect and healthy, ours to snuggle and love. And holy Christmas, nice to meet you, the one that's been inside of me, kicking and moving all this time.

Big Sis and Little Bro meet.

The last two weeks have been filled with those moments that fill your heart and throat with lumps.  Everyone has been adjusting well, there are lots of hugs here, and we couldn't be more happy to have Freddy in our family.  

Freddy, Lucy, Nat: I love you to smithereens. 



Melissa said…
Congratulations! I too had a VBAC and had a completely wonderfully different experience with the VBAC (no drugs, much less pain, such a shorter recovery time as opposed to so drugged up that I essentially slept while my baby was delivered). Wonderful!
Mandy said…
Congratulations! Your two little ones are so adorable! So happy for your family!
aimee.s.s. said…
YAYYYY, I'm so excited for you Nikki! Congratulations to you Nat and Lucy -- and to Freddie too. Good job buddy :)

I hope things are continuing to go smoothly for now -- I hope I get to meet the little one at somepoint soon -- he's beautiful :) (Sorry, incredibly handsome!)
Anonymous said…
My grandson the jock!!!!!!!!!!

pop pop
Congrats, so happy for you guys. Welcome, little man!

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