Crack Attack

A trillion things are going on here.  Ten second update: traveled for work, offered a full-time job, now looking for full-time nanny, old nanny's out of the picture, Lucy turned 3, holidays, and, oh about a billion things with Fred. However, I had to interrupt my silence with a small update.

Fred is sitting up, and it's so darn cute.  Particularly because of the plumber situation he's got going on, if you know what I mean.  Or as Lucy says in seriousness at the sight of a bum crack, "I think your shirt is broken. I see a crack coming out."

Also, a smiliar sighting, a few years ago.


Alexandra Marie said...

aw such a cutie !

Alexandra Marie
Check out my blog ! :)

bwankel said...

Adorable picture. Busy mama!

LTB said...

So big! So fast!

Amanda said...

Wow! Go Freddy, he's sitting up early! And I just LOL at Lucy's comment.

aimee.s.s. said...

So stinking cute! :)

MegElizabeth said...

I'm trying to figure out which is cutest... the head-to-bum ratio from that perspective, the lil bum crack, or the swirly head of hair going on. I'm going to say that he's just ridiculously adorable.

Mars said...

So cute