She sleeps.

... Leaving me a few minutes to do a couple of things like blog... Apologies in advance if there is an abrupt end to this post.

* * * *

And that’s as far as I got. The above was written early yesterday while Lucy was napping and of course her radar went off and she promptly awoke and yelled at me to come get her out of her nappy, and how dare I put her down, EVIL MOTHER! Apparently babies have this internal radar that jolts them from the depths of REM when triggered by phrases like “I’m going to try to get some sleep” or “I’m going to take a shower” or “Husband, let’s eat dinner together at the same time!”

Now at almost 5 weeks old (can you believe it?), she has more alert awake time during the day and more sleep time at night – it seems she has straightened out the day/night confusion that we started out with. During the first couple of weeks I’d be up frequently at night with her, but would be able to get things done during her frequent daytime naps. Now I sleep at night while she sleeps, and during the day I barely manage to shower and eat since she loooooves to be held and I super love to hold her.

I know, I know. It’s a rough life spending the day cuddling with an awesome little baby. However 99% of that time is spent with our good friends Madam Breast Milk and DJ Dirty Diaper. THANK GOD we quickly shook that awful freeloader, the unwanted 4th roommate, the ugly and disturbing elephant in the room, the umbilical cord stump (bleh!). Egads, that thing creeped me out. How else could we commemorate the victory than by preserving it in a jar of liquid as a token to proudly display on the kitchen counter??

I just made myself a little sick with that joke.


aimee.s.s. said…
For a minute, I thought you might be serious about the "stump jar". I'm glad you weren't...we miss you around here, but, we certianly dont compete with a snuggly baby! Have fun!
mic said…
send you and baby Lucy hearts!!! (and Nat. hearts, Nat!!)
Beth in SF said…
haha my kiddo's stump didn't fall off for damn near two months, I was so sick of that thing!

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