Three weeks old

It’s hard to believe that 23 days ago I was wondering about Lucy’s personality, what it would be like having a newborn to care for and love, and how it would feel to be before all things, a mom.

Now I feel like I’ve known her forever and can barely remember life before she was here. Lucy is three weeks old as of yesterday, and as of this morning, she weighs 6 lbs 12 oz (and the length of a large leek at about 22 inches!). We’ve been working on tummy time a little bit every day to help her strengthen her neck muscles. Not only will this help her hold up her head and sit up, but it also helps communication and speech skills. Wouldn't want to miss any of her complaints about how much I talk about poop, spit up, and boobs on the blog. Oh the posts to come!


mic said…
so cute! love you both!
She gets prettier and prettier, cannot wait for her visit, will show her the dogs, fish, and new hammock. I intend to monopolize her. (not sure of spelling) HAHA


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