Fun and Germ Transfer

One great thing about being CHO is that I get the opportunity to take Lucy to all kinds of classes.  Classes we can commit to!  Not like her Saturday morning swim class which we only went to three times, since we are always away on the weekend, and occasionally when we are here, we aren't in good shape to swim since Mommy had too much apple juice the night before.  That only happened twice once.

So since I've been home, Lucy has started two classes: Little Movers (like toddler gymnastics) and Creative Playspace, where the program opens up all the play areas for 90 minutes of unstructured playtime.  Lucy loves that one.

She started off as kind of a lone wolf...

But then she added more wolves to the wolf pack.

Another habit she has is carrying around the little plastic wine glass from the play kitchen.  No idea where she learned that from.

Lucy is LOVING her new classes and friends, and I'm excited to register her for more classes to keep us busy in the fall/winter.  The only downfall is that now Lucy is exposed to a lot more germs.  Poor small one woke up yesterday with a runny nose and it became a full head cold by the end of the day.  We cancelled our play date for today, and will be taking it easy so the little one will be feeling good for the weekend.  This means toys, walks, movies, and lots of nose-wiping and cuddling with my little sickie.

Happy Friday!


Felecity said…
Your daughter is a doll!!! Too cute! I'm looking forward to Olivia joining with other children b/c I think being around nothing but adults constantly gives her a warped sense of superpower..LOL.
Nikki said…
Hahah that is so true. Lucy definitely thinks she's a small adult amongst children!
Fritzy said…
Oh my god, the wine glasses are killing me. Love it!

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