My baby > your bunny

So we have started The Great Toddler-proofing Project since we have decided that we're not moving. Downstairs is in pretty good shape - Lucy can run around with out any dangers... Except she's been really drawn to the cable box and wires under the TV.  So we had the cable jacks and outlets moved behind the TV and installed a shelf above it.  No wire danger, and more importantly no changing the channel while I'm watching Kardashians.  TA DA! Well, well. Look who can't reach anything now!

An electrician had to come help us out with this one, and while he was here for about 5 hours we made a little conversation.  Mostly about babies since Lucy was watching his every move, and one thing led to another and I said something about how a baby changes everything. And then he said something about how he totally understands, it's just like his little Bunny. And I'm like aw, he calls his granddaughter Bunny.  So I opened up and we talked more, and everything I said about Lucy, he agreed, the same with Bunny.  What an adorable grandfather!

But as it turns out, he's actually talking about HIS PET BUNNY RABBIT (animal). That's right, he's likening my life-changing human being of my own flesh and blood to his hairball that craps on sawdust and probably has rabies.  (No offense to the bunny - I'm sure it is really nice.)

But this happens all the time.  People will ask about my daughter and liken her to their pet.  While I mean no disrespect to dogs, bunnies, sea monkeys, or otherwise, I'm pretty sure it's kinda different.  I don't see a similar pet-moment to looking down at an EPT and realizing that everything in your life, your priorities, your everything, forever, is going to change, feeling that wave of hormones that makes you from that moment on a warrior for the safety of that new life, the first time you feel her moving inside you, kicking, hiccuping, sleeping, and upon meeting this tiny baby realizing that every feature and every action, be it nature or nurture, is actually a PART of you, and you are part of her, and you see yourself and your husband, and your parents, and generations of your family in this new life (I think that is a run on sentence?)

But perhaps there is something about bunnies that I'm missing.  For example, my friend who was on was contacted by a seemingly normal man EXCEPT HIS PROFILE PICTURE WAS THIS:

Maybe he's a kind animal lover, or maybe he's seeking an open-minded female who wouldn't mind dressing as a carrot.


LHV said…
As an animal lover, I wouldn't dream of comparing the joy that my PET (not EPT, which I'm pretty sure is a government agency - maybe one that regulates unassuming bunny owners seeking mates?) bring me to the joy that your child brings you. However, the reason I don't do that is because I don't actually have a baby to compare it to. So it's probably just as fair to say that you cannot compare the feeling of loving, caring for, embracing at the end of a long day, and mourning the loss of someone who has become a part of your family - but happens to have 4 legs - since YOU haven't done it. Or if you have, not so as an adult? Therefore better to just not compare at all, ya?? Of course, this applies to cats and dogs only. Anyone that owns a bunny is just weird. Non-judgementally speaking, of course. :)
Nikki said…
True, true, and this is a lighthearted post. Growing up we had a total of 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies (yep), a bird, and countless fish. One dog in particular that meant a lot to us and left a large hole in our family when he died. Cody!

And I'm sure a lot of you with kids and pets would say you prefer the pets. Heyo!
mic said…
i just literally lol'd. (usually when i say "lol" i'm totally lying.)

why is that bunny so BIG? i didn't know them made 'em that size.
Fritzy said…
How did I know you'd be the first to comment on this, Vogel? Ha!

Um, dying laughing through this. Also, I applaud any form of media where the " bunny shot" can be applied. Well, done.
amy said…

i want to rewind time and see your face when electrician dude told you he meant his literal bunny.

i'm the same when it comes to babies vs. pets -- hey, i know animal lurve is real and all but I PROMISE YOU, electrician man, it's not the same as baby love. *ducks* (haha ducks)
Juro said…
Well, having had a few of BOTH I'd say I wouldn't trade a Nikki for a Cody (as much as I loved Cody) but since you instigated his adoption by carrying him up to the house from Lizzy's litter with an entourage of puppy-eyed kids including your brother and sister, asking "Can we keep him paleeeeese?", and you were by his side at his moment of passing, I would say that the pairing of kids and pets is precious in it's own right and the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts!
Beth in SF said…
That bunny is bigger than my cat!

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