Blah blah blah... and a bum!

So I wrote this whole blog post today about how ** WE'RE STAYING IN BOSTON ** (horray!) and the story about why, and why we're happy about it, and the downside being that I won't be living close to my sister who I was giddy about cooking and drinking wine with on a whim, not to mention having Auntie Kristen so close to little Lu.  But mainly, we're going back to our original plan.  Sell when selling is right and BUYING versus being remote landlords and tenants once again.

And then a couple hours after posting this heartfelt, hilarious, witty, and fun but informative post (you'll just have to take my word for it!), I took it down since I just found out we might have a little bit of a sticky situation with our would-be tenants.  So maybe I'll elaborate someday, or maybe I'll just be paying for a significant amount of furniture that somebody bought before the rental agreement was complete.  ZING.

But my point is that we are staying in Boston!  And our extreme appreciation for the size, comfort, and amenities of our place has been renewed.  I've been hugging our washer/dryer over here.  And doing the worm in our parking space.  And breakdancing on the roofdeck.  And flirting with the elevator.  And winking at our new appliances.  And thanking my lucky stars for our significant square footage.  I could go on.  It's a love fest in this Bra Factory.

... Even though I feel like I don't spend much time here anymore!  Tomorrow I'm off to Martha's Vineyard and the Cape for a few days.  I will do my best to post a daily picture of little Lucy tearing it up at the beach.  Because what's cuter than a curly-haired gap-toothed girl in a baby bathingsuit?



MegElizabeth said…
oh my lorrrrrrrrd. that bum. so cute.
and now that you guys are staying in boston, we must meet up and rage ebo (does that abbreviation make me look trendy or dumb? dumb? okay.) with the pirate. and i really MUST get some photos of the almost 13-month-old lady. and see you, of course.

also, i got the thank you note today. tell lu i say thanks, shalom, and her handwriting is continually impressive at her age!
aimee.s.s. said…
Hooray! This is an exciting change of plans -- plus, I do know how much you love driving through CT to visit the New Yorkers...

I must ask the obvious question though -- what are you going to do about THE STAIRS (dun dun dun)??

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