A day at the beach

Putting the apartment situation aside for a moment...

Lucy and I decided to take advantage of the fact that neither of us works a 9-5 and spent a couple days on the Cape with my mom and grandmother.  That's right - four generations of Massholes!

Even when I lived on the west coast, we'd come back in summer and head down the Cape.  Soon enough we'll be bringing Lucy in on the traditions - like ice cream at Sundae School, go karts, and breakfast on Chapin beach.  This time though, it was a whole heck of a lot of boutiques and restaurants.  But I did get her a Cape Cod hoodie at Cuffy's and effectively removed the letter R from her few words.  Next up: a Red Sox game and introduction of the word "wicked".  How do you like them apples!


amy said…
omg! she looks like a little surfer baby model in that second shot. smooch!

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