Lucy In Swing No. 18739250

Alright I know I post a lot of pictures of my baby in sunglasses, and I know I post a lot of pictures of her on a swing, but I can't help it.  Wait until I finally post a picture of my baby IN A SWING... WITH SUNGLASSES!  Aaaaahh!

Nat and Lucy went to the park for a little baby/dada time when we were finally back from Martha's Vineyard, and he was finally back from Mexico (for work).  And I got this great picture for my Lucy-In-Sunglasses-Or-On-A-Swing collection.



amy said…
i love that pic! framey mcframe!
aimee.s.s. said…
I love this picture too...but...she's not wearing sunglasses :( (a little bit of a letdown)

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