Yes I realize I have a problem with excessive pictures.

If I were to look at the percentage of time I have spent in Boston this month, it would be SO SMALL.  So I am happy to be back in Boston... Although our jaunt to Martha's Vineyard and the Cape was fun.

Lucy has this new thing where she wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and will only go back to sleep if she's cuddling up in my bed.  Although I must admit I kind of love it, I know it's not a good habit and keep trying to get her to sleep in her room.  It was kind of impossible in MV though, since her Pack N Play was set up right next to my bed.  So we indulged.  She didn't start babbling at full volume and waking up the others until, oh, about 7:30.  COME ON GUYS!  THAT'S LATE FOR US! 

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sun, walking around lovely shops, and outings to an alpaca farm and a little aquarium, where Lucy got so excited I thought she was going to fly through the roof.  Then before we hopped on the ferry to the Cape, Lucy and I had lunch together, just the two of us at a little cafe on the water.  It was so nice.  I imagine this happening in later years, but with wine and no BYO goldfish crackers, and maybe only minimal trying of new foods and spitting it on the table when we don't like it.


mic said…
i love her curls! were you a curly Q when you were little? Nat? i heart it.
Nikki said…
I had stick straight hair growing up, and it only got wavy in adulthood. Nat's kiddo pics show straight hair too - but his is curlyish now. His sister has ringlets like Lucy does though! It's definitely a Ferrante gene!

I LOVE IT! I always wanted curls when I was growing up but my mom was all like ASIANS CANT HAVE CURLY HAIR. NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE A PERM. IT WILL NOT WORK.
Momma was right.

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