The great debate

Nat and I have been having the discussion:  Do we rent an apartment in Brooklyn, or do we look at HOUSES in the SUBURBS?

You can probably tell which side of the fence I fall on given the superfluous use of capslock.  I have been living in a city for the past 10 years and have since had a complex with living outside of an urban area, for both practical and impractical reasons (which I won't get into here, but let me assure you that some of them are pretty dumb).  But my point is, I love city living.

However, there is something about having a baby that makes you nostalgic of your own childhood.  I grew up in a house with a yard 20 minutes outside of Seattle, so although we weren't in the city, we could go in any time for a Mariner's game, to the Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe, or to the Aquarium.  And now that we're moving and Lucy is no longer an infant, something in me wants to emulate that great neighborhood I grew up in, where we could see the mountains from our windows and had psychadelic sunsets every night, where it rarely snowed, and summers were so warm and clear (and bugless) that we'd stay outside with the other neighborhood kids trying to identify constellations (I told you I was a nerd) until the streetlamps came on.

But there I go getting nostalgic - we won't be moving to the west coast - that's not the point.  The point is the suburban neighborhood and how nice and safe and full of kids it was.  I am torn between having all the perks of city living (for myself) food, culture, access to everything VERSUS the comfort of having enough space for all of our things, our own laundry, and a neighborhood for little Louie Lu.

Off to see more places tomorrow, so hopefully we will know soon!  What do you think for your little ones?  City or 'burbs?


h said…
ahh, good ol' neighborhood :)
mic said…
tricky, indeed. i cannot say. but good luck, my dear! whatever you decide will be wonderful, i'm sure.

amy said…
is there something inbetweenish?? that's what we're doing...

we're a 10ish min drive to downtown, but still technically in the city of denver (right near a huge city park and cool shops, etc.)'s a tree-lined street with a cute (small) yard, but it's got the city vibe b/c the houses are close together and small/vintagey.

i was over the true city thing (which we did in sf and we're doing right now), but could not handle being waaaaaay out in the 'burbs. (yet. i think as harper gets to be a real kiddo riding a bike and there are other babes, i will be.) i think i'd feel lonely...and think you might, too?

anywho ramble ramble. but i bet there's a good combo for the ferrantes out there! can't wait to see what you pick! xoxo

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