Workin' for the weekend

OK, OK.  I don't work.  But I still love the weekend, because Nat and I get to take our little John C. Reilly look-alike to the beach.

My favorite part of the day had something to do with wayfarers and peach frozen yogurt!

Uncle Frank The Builder and Aunt Lari were in town from NY for the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Competition!  Frank has won a sand sculpting competition or two, and we're currently trying to think of the best sand pun stage name for him.  So far we like "Sandy Warhol" and "Sanstruction".   Please delight me with your sand puns.  (Seriously, I love puns.)

All the inSANDity:


Anonymous said…
Can Life get any better than this? Looks like a wonderful time by all!
Anonymous said…
OOPs! Nikki that was my meesage forgot my password again!

Love Nanny Sue

PS Say Hi to Auntie Lari!!

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