Dance class: brought to you by VELCRO®

Monday was Lucy's 2nd dance class; her 3rd visit including the trial.  She was slightly less Velcro this time.  SLIGHTLY.

Although most of the class was spent like this:

And like this:
 everyone else is over there)

We did have some fun thanks to some very tempting props.


The best is when she comes home and does the whole dance routine for Nat, start to finish and smiling, as if she is the top of her class.  Meanwhile her shoes have barely touched the dance floor!

Next week we'll be working on smiles instead of a look of complete horror.


amy said…
look at her outfit!! she looks so stinkin adorrrrable.

i totally bet she'll get into it soon -- harps can take a few rounds of things before she feels comfy, too. they have discerning tastes! ;)
MegElizabeth said…
that picture made me laugh out loud. hilarious.
christie said…
The cuteness of the little munchkins in their tutus is just too much to take. Love the velcro shot! Such a classic!

(I'm Amy's cousin, BTW, not some weird, random, blog-stalker. Well, I am weird, and this is random, and I am sort of stalking your blog, but whatevs. You know what I mean, right? Right.)
Kristie said…
I definitely laughed out loud. In fact, I have checked this blog several times and i keep getting a laugh out of it. Thanks for taking the pics and hilarious story-telling!!
mic said…
the outfit!!!!!!!!! this is why i need to have a girl. i'm giving it back if i get a boy.
Nikki said…
Hhahah I felt bad that she was so uncomfortable but had to laugh that she had to climb up me! Silly monkey.

And Christie - I Love it! Stalk away, my non-stalker friend! ;)
aimee.s.s. said…
awww -- she's so cute! I want her sweater too BTW. I love that you embrace her velcro-y-ness and just take pictures of the awkwardness.

Files4Share said…
I came across your blog, it's nicely written! Feel free to check mine out if you want. Maybe we can follow one another? :)

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