The Great Getting Of The Christmas Tree

A tradition I will always look forward to!  Especially since this year it included hot apple cider, cinnamon-spiced cider donuts, a petting zoo, and of course, Santa-induced unease.

Merry holiday season!

Heading to the petting zoo.
(In fact I prefer to be carried.)

And deer!

Waiting for Santa with Dada.

Stress eating cider donuts.

Nat, awaiting tree approval from the boss.

Homeward bound
Mission complete!


Anonymous said…
Hey Nikki! Where did you go to the petting zoo and to get a tree? We were talking about making an event out of getting our tree this weekend!

Anonymous said…
Hey Nikki, Sorry... the comment below was from Amy Harrison at Forrester. My email is


Jess Britt told me about your blog as our daughters are close in age :)
k. mukai said…
Everything about this post makes me a totem pole of smiley emoticons :):):):):):):):)
Fritzy said…
She is such a little peach. Loved the pics!
amy said…
love love LOVe!

she's like a little christmas model baby yummy ah!

and the cider donut stress eating made me lolololzzz
Nikki said…
Oh Amy! Probably should have mentioned - this was at Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA! Hadn't been there until this weekend and will certainly go again!

Thanks to the rest for the compliments! Lucy is fully enjoying the praise and totemoticons.
Juro said…
THANKS this totally launched me into the Christmas spirit :)
melissa d. said…
so cute! i haven't been by in a awhile...i LOVE your blog look :)

and that hat...and her cute face! so fun!
LimpyJo said…
I love your picture posts! So cute! My fave is the "approved" one! Ha!

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