Ask and you shall receive

Lucy is gaining words at rapid speed.  At this point she can repeat pretty much anything, and while her pronunciation could use a little work sometimes, I'd go so far as to call her conversational.

But when she goes through these spurts where she learns and retains a whole bunch of new words, it tends to be at the expense of one she already has...

For example, she's had the word "chip" for a long time.  But now all of a sudden she's pronouncing it "bitch".  As in, "MOMMY, MORE BITCH.  MORE BITCH MOMMY.  SALSA?"

OK then, Lucy.  Goldfish it is.


Juro said…
Hahahaha :) Big hug Lu!
amy said…
is miss lulu tall? she looks it!

what a scrumptious gal! muah muah muah to you both. miss you ladies xo

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