I didn't die! (+Valentine's)

I'm here, I'm here!  I really have been neglecting this blog, huh?  Well well, life interrupts the Internets sometimes.

Happy belated Valentine's day.  This year it fell on a Monday, meaning we had some early morning gift giving to our tiny yet saucy Valentine before we started work.  **Notice I said "WE"!  Yes, I started working again part-time.  I'll tell you more about that later.

Anyway, Lucy spent the early hours with her brand new sunglasses on, awaiting her new nanny.

She must have understood the loveyness of the day, because her new penguin and new polar bear bath toys were smooching.

Knock knock... enter new nanny into our lives!  Says Lucy: SOMEONE GET THE DOOR I CAN'T REACH THE DANG DOORKNOB.

And truly, there could have been no better Valentine's Day gift to this little girl than bringing someone new to the house who is a pro with Play-Doh, book reading, and never tires of blowing bubbles.  (We like the new nanny!)

Any of you who know Lucy in person know that she is an expert cuddler.  I will really miss her little loving idiosyncrasies when she grows out of them.  For example, she says "Awwwww.  Awwww.  Huuuugggg." while giving her super-tight-bordering-on-headlock hugs. She says, "Mmmmm-BAH!" while giving smooches and blowing kisses.  When she's feeling really generous, she'll kiss each cheek, your nose, your chin, your forehead, and the top of your head like this: MmmmBAH!  MmmmBAH!  MmmmBAH!  MmmmBAH!  And when she curls up for a sleepy snuggle, she's got to have her hand on your hair or forehead.

Our day ended with the three of us sharing a huge and amazing dinner at home cooked with love by the hubs, and big big family hugs.  Thanks Nat and Lu for giving me a little bit o' Valentine's every single day. 



Fritzy said…
First of all, welcome back. Second of all, adorable post. Third of all, WHERE did you get those penguin shades? MUST HAVE.
Nikki said…
The New England Aquarium gift shop! Got all her Valentine's presents from there... the night before... because i forgot. But she loves them!

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