Saturday conversation

Sorry for the silence.  Kid, work, chores, play, the occasional book, excuses, excuses...  (I just finished reading Dragon Tattoo which was such a page turner!  Now almost finished with Little Bee.  Internets: What should I read next?  Trying to keep up the momentum while I'm on a roll.)

Here's a little window into our Saturday:

Nat: Lucy, are you going to be an astronaut when you grow up?

Lucy: No.  Fish.

Nat:  You mean a marine biologist?

Lucy: No.  Fish.  Blublublublublub.

... Man, I love her.


mic said…
man, she is going to have GREAT hair.
mic said…
i mean when she's all grown up! of course, she already has great hair. i'm a dope!
Nikki said…
hah yes current and future great hair. however, i have some photos of her bad hair days which are epic. certainly will share.
Anonymous said…
funny comment, but she does love the aquarium.....


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